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now I have no room for my obsession
All Hallow's 
31st-Oct-2009 11:17 pm
Basically the only reason why I want to post is because it's Halloween (my favorite holiday).  Lynsey is visiting for the weekend, and we dressed as Kirk and Spock.  Oh yeah, we went there.  I was Spock (cheesy pointed ears and all).  It was extra silly because my costume was kid-sized and had arms that were too short.  We went to the Exploratorium, which is the San Francisco kids' science museum.  It was dorkily exciting because we got to see bats, play with electricity (I think that I might generate more of an electrical current than most humans), and do other science-y things. I <3 science.  As of right now, I am watching Heroes (again).  Therefore, I will end this post in order to devote all of my attention to Sylar being crazy and torturing people.
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