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I am feeling absolutely amazed with myself, an event that rarely happens. Why you ask? Because I am finally making good on my pact (yes, it was a pact) to write crack with Lynsey. In fact, I am so amazed and impressed with us that I can hardly type.
Better get back to the crack grindstone.
30th-Aug-2008 03:37 pm - Why football? WHY?
Berkeley is being inundated with rabid football fans from Michigan State. I am so worried. Plus, I have the privilege of living on frat row, so I have absolutely no way of escaping the madness that is the first football game of the season.
Don't get me wrong, I would be happy if Cal won. I am proud that I am going to a good school like Berkeley. I just have never been very good with school spirit.
I have found, however, that I am steadily learning what it means to live in your dorm. It means washing a plastic fork that came in 99 cent pack of silverware simply because throwing it away means buying more. It means eating instant Thai noodles with teddy grahams and milk because that's what was lying around. It means going to barbecues for some random Christian Fellowship despite being a nonbeliever because the food is free. Yeah, I'm definitely learning.
I should be conserving money, but I really want this Hirako phonestrap and some other stupid little things that I don't need. Sigh, thus is the story of my life. Hopefully, I will begin work soon, though any money I make will go to room and board.
Okay, I think I will do something else now.
29th-Aug-2008 11:33 pm - Animated Gifs Again
So, I'm posting again because of Lynsey. Apparently, my Deadly Sins icon was giving her seizures. I don't think that it is that fast, but here it is on extra slow. For special humans.
make avatar
Make avatar
Yay! I don't have much to say for now... especially since I'd rather talk to Lynsey instead of ranting.
20th-Aug-2008 06:27 pm - Animated Gifs Can Suck It
So very frustrated. I have finally finished my animated icon of the seven deadly sins using Bleach characters, but the file is TOO LARGE! Livejournal just freaks out when I try to upload it to my userpics. I think that I might kill something. It took me so long to finish it. I think I will try to show it off anyway even if I can't use it as a userpic. So...
make avatar
Make avatar
I'm happy that I got to use some of the characters that I like for it. You know which ones...
Oh, and then my current userpic is another one that I made. I just liked the picture. Gin is so creepy and cute. I love it. It just seemed appropriate to use the Joker's "why so serious?" quote. I don't know. I think that I need to take a break from creating icons.
6th-Jul-2008 08:14 pm - Problems...Mostly My Mental Ones
I just looked over my last post and found about five mistakes. I was so high on caffeine that I used the word 'where' when I meant 'wear' and some words were left out entirely making it rather confusing. You'd think a little coffee made me completely illiterate.
Anyway, I'm busy avoiding more difficult work. For example, I could be working on my jrock outfit for Comicon. Right now, however, I am feeling a little intimidated. I have decided to sew myself a pair of pants because I am crazy. On top of that, I have to finish all of the detailing. The detailing is what will complete the outfit and make it stand out, but I am busy wallowing in despair for now.
On another note, I have begun reading Reborn! even though I've been told that it takes a long time for it to get interesting. I like it, but I do see what people mean. Tsuna can be pretty pathetic, and Reborn kills/beats/abuses/just all around humiliates him all the time. I want to read a good portion of it so that maybe we can experiment with some of the characters in the Crack!Lab.
Okay, I give up. I will now try to be productive
5th-Jul-2008 12:30 am - AX... Just the Trial Run for Comicon
Where do I begin... so, AX was rather entertaining, but I think that it was more valuable as a lesson in what one should and should not do while attending cons. I have been to AX for several years running, but I only ever stayed one day. This experience proved several things. First of all, never wear anything that makes you uncomfortable to the point of distraction. For example, eyepatches are not the best idea. This is especially true when you already have bad vision, are using a sketchily designed eyepatch that covers your face at weird angles, and have a long orange wig with bangs that like to obscure your one good eye. I was more than a little distracted and frustrated. It prevented me from having much fun. Second, it is more enjoyable if you go in a group, or, even better, a group that cosplays from one particular manga. You get more involved in it that way. Third (another costume-related comment), if the con is during the summer you should not choose an outfit that will make you completely miserable. Jumpsuits and coats fall under this category. Given that some comfort is sacrificed for the sake of cosplaying as a cool character, but it gets to the point where it isn't quite worth it.
Anyway, I wasn't horribly disappointed. I got to take the train again, which I haven't done in a long time. I like doing that. Our hotel was epic, placed right in the middle of Little Tokyo where Lynsey and I could stock up on sushi from the Japanese market. It would have been better if we could have figured out how to use the internet, but we managed to survive without that. When we arrived at the hotel, we couldn't check in without paying an exorbitant amount, so we ended up taking 20 minutes to change in the bathroom. Sort of sketchy, but I think that it was an experience that needed to be had. The hotel employees were quite certain that we were batty, but they were still kind.
Because of the aforementioned reasons, the first day was not as fun as it could have been. Things got better though. Lynsey and I went back to the con at night in fun clothes and cat ears rather than in our cosplay outfits. The downside of that was all of the 'catcalling,' if you would forgive the lame pun. It was decidedly annoying, and I have little patience for people who intend to treat me as an object. We ended up waiting a lot because we wanted to got to the midnight tea, which was much later. In the end, we ditched the event because the word was passed down that it was not worth the bother. Silly me, I had assumed that it would be a tea ceremony in which they actually served us tea. Wishful thinking.
We were happier when we came back to the hotel and decided to make some crack. No, not that kind of crack. Crack!pairings. By some stroke of genius, we deemed it necessary that to make the pairings as crackalicious as possible we would have to write names on little pieces of paper and draw them out of something. We were going to place them in one our wigs, but then we remembered that Lynsey had packed her wig in a collapsible hat box to keep it from being smashed. In went the pieces of paper and voila! Crack-in-the-Box was born. We began with exclusively Bleach crack pairings and then moved on to some of the most cracktastic crossover pairings that the world has ever seen. We plan to do even more cracked fics in the future. Some of the random pairings will be close to impossible, but we decided that we would at least attempt a drabble for each one. Look forward to a new community that will become our Crack!Lab. It is bound to be epic, so you best reserve a seat early.
All of my money fell into the black hole that is AX, but I got some fun things for it. Several pins, an nice jrock sweatshirt, a domo-kun shirt, a bleach shirt, some original art prints, keychains,and cellphone straps, and a few manga. Not bad. That and I got Bauhaus and NIN patches. I have been seriously obsessed with NIN lately. Just look at my current music.
So, needless to say, I am more than excited for Comicon and getting started on fic madness. I think that I need to stop now before this post eats me alive. So high on caffeine right now.
2nd-Jul-2008 07:53 pm - Fuck Yeah I'm a Vaizard!
I just took Lynsey's Bleach Race Quiz, and it was bitchin'. I actually turned out to be a vaizard, which surprised me. Like any experet quiz-maker, Lynsey's quiz made it difficult to determine your results while taking it. I thought that I might be a quincy, but I guess that I am a vaizard through and through.
I can't wait for AX tomorrow. I get to be really blind and run into things! The sacrifices that I make for Badou Nails. And I still need that cigarette.
Okay, well, I must prepare for AX, since I am not quite yet finished with the costume. I suppose that apart from being a vaizard through and through, I am also a procrastinator through and through.
I have reached the sad emo state in which the only thing that is interesting is mutilating my body in some way. I suppose I'm making it sound worse than it is.
I am still going through the process of cleaning out my room, which means sifting through random junk that I haven't seen in ages. My jewelry drawer became a priority, and I came across a small, packaged white plastic thing with a diamond-like stone earring in it. At first, I wasn't sure what it was. Then, I remembered that the last time I got my ears pierced it was through the cartilage in only one ear. I had still paid for two earrings, however, so the woman had given me the other earring but in its strange package.
I opened the package today, and I realized that each earring comes in its own little gun mechanism. When I finally was able to grasp this rather easy concept, I decided that it would be fun to test how easy it was to use. I didn't want to risk piercing my cartilage myself, so I simply pierced my left earlobe for the fourth time (if you include the cartilage piercing). All said and done, I didn't think that it was too difficult. It did not hurt more than any of the other times, so I assume that I did it correctly.
There you have it. My adventures in self-mutilation. Or self-decoration depending on how you look at it.
22nd-Jun-2008 10:13 pm - Worship My Icon
Isn't my icon in a word fabulous? So appropriate. Aren't you jealous Lynsey? I have 'Captain Fabulous' for my icon! He looks so mischievous. Anyway, I could talk about my love of Bleach and Hirako for a long time, but I mainly want to gloat for the moment. I am posting for the second day in a row. This is epic.
I just spent the last...oh, three hours or so cleaning out my room. I barely skimmed the surface of the mess. I am trying to not just clean up but clean out, which is a major undertaking for a clutter-inducing person such as myself. I'm not kidding when I say that I am 'clutter-inducing.' Clutter just happens around me.
Ahaha, 'Diet Interpol' just came on (aka The Editors). I'm listening to all of my songs on shuffle just to stay entertained.
What I really should be doing is working on my Badou cosplay outfit. I need to vamp up the jumpsuit, and I need to make a new eyepatch! The one that I ordered online is stupid and huge. I'm so sickk of looking at it that I have decided to make my own at the risk of becoming frustrated and possibly injured. That is one bad thing about ordering things online-- you can't tell what they really look like. Sure, they have pictures but said pictures are not usually indicative of the product's real size. How was I supposed to know that the eyepatch would pretty much eat my face if I put it on? The seller on ebay certainly didn't have a warning posted.
I hate DMVs. They never have any open appointments! I now have to wake up really early and go to Culver City to apply for an ID card. It sounds like I won't even get it before AX. Oh well, guess I'll just have to be unsafe and retarded and carry around my birth certificate.
Ahaha. Okay, so I am lame. I never post even though I should, and certain people *coughLynsey*cough* threaten to throttle me if I don't (well, she doesn't really say that but she's thinking it). I am actually going to be good today and post for the first time in...errr...a really, really long time.
I am thrilled that it is finally summer-- not because of tanning and beaches and picnics and whatever normal people do. It's all about the cons. I am cosplaying as Badou from 'Dogs' when I go to AX. I hope that I can do him justice. That and I hope that I can get my fingers around a cigarette. No, not to actually smoke. Though you wouldn't think that obtaining one would be too hard to accomplish considering that I am of legal age to purchase a pack. The problem is that I do not have my driver's license or any other form of ID. Definitely going to have to fix that.
I seriously can't wait to toss all of my money into the all-consuming fire of the cons that plan to burn the cash out of my pocket. Yeah, I know I said that I would throw the money in. I mean to do that, but I'm quite sure that some of my cash will rather involuntarily find itself devoured.
Ugh, thinking about cons reminds me of the 'Lynsey and Laurel Rant of the Day' (more like the 'Rant of Everyday'): the lack of vizard merch for Bleach. So frustrating! They are obviously important characters! Would someone please humor us? Of course, most of my self-righteousness is directed at the lack of Hirako love in particular, but I can't help it.
Hehe, speaking of Hirako, I must say that I love your pornish picture Lynsey. ^^ I know that you plan to give him clothes, but you really don't have to rush. Teehee.
Now, to veer completely off topic, I am excited for my Neil print! Thank you Lynsey for staying on top of things, since I fail at the cool stuff. ^^;;;; And of course I am more than grateful for the shirt. I look forward to advertising Fly-By-Night for you.
Hmmm, I haen't posted in so long I almost have too much to say. Is there anyting that I am forgetting? Hard to say. I'm in that stage of delerium from having little sleep and whatnot. It can be rather entertaining but probably overall not very good for my health. Poor Lynsey. She is forced to sit here and put up with my frantic typing. I think I might be boring her to death. I will attempt to post again soon so that I won't have to do this again. Not that I actually say anything terribly important. But typing is quite satisfying.
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